Kellyanne Conway's Husband George Diagnoses Trump's Behavior. Trump Calls Him a 'Loser'

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President Trump and the better half of the Conways are continuing their war of words online after George Conway called the president’s mental health into question and the president responded (of course he did) by calling him “a total loser.”


On Tuesday, Conway, the husband to Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway (who doesn’t favor a cadaver)...

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...noted that the president might be suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (while I don’t condone amateur diagnosis or diagnosing someone at all, I must admit that the symptoms sound a lot like Trump.)

Symptoms include:

  • Arrogance and Domineering
  • Grandiosity
  • Preoccupation with Success and Power
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Belief of Being Unique
  • Sense of Entitlement
  • Requires Excessive Admiration

And that’s just the first few traits.

Conway’s tweet came just a day after he noted that the president was losing it. To Conway’s credit, the president had been tweeting about a series of random topics that day, including: Google, General Motors, Hillary Clinton, “Fake News,” and the late Sen. John McCain.

“His condition is getting worse,” George Conway tweeted after posting sections of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
to his Twitter feed, AOL reports.

The Trump administration being the Trump administration totally tweeted out a lie, noting that Conway, a prominent lawyer, wanted a job in the White House for which he was turned down.


Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale claimed Conway’s just bitter after not being hired by the White House for a “job he desperately wanted” and that “Mr. Kellyanne Conway” is “jealous of her success.”

Which is total bullshit.

From AOL:

In fact, Conway, in the early days of Trump’s presidency, was offered a top job at the Justice Department as chief of the civil division—a post that would have put him in charge of defending the Trump administration in lawsuits throughout the country.

But in June 2017 Conway pulled out, saying only that “this is not the right time to leave the private sector.” (He also added: “Kellyanne and I continue to support the president and his administration, and I look forward to doing so in whatever way I can from outside the government.”)

In an interview with the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery” in November, Conway said that as he was about to accept the job, he was having doubts about the president’s relationship with the Justice Department, among other developments in the administration.

“I’m filling out the financial forms and it’s like...I’m watching this thing, and it’s like the administration is like a s***show in a dumpster fire,” Conway said. “And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to do that.’”


Trump never not one to pile on added that Conway is “A total loser!”


Conway wasn’t finished. Because the tweet was linked to Conway’s original tweet, he noted that the president had now just helped more people understand what ails him.

“Congratulations!” George Conway fired back. “You just guaranteed that millions of more people are going to learn about narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism! Great job!”


You can read more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder here, the diagnosis that Trump doesn’t suffer from; because I’m no doctor, so this is strictly for informational purposes.



Nighttime at the Conway household must be fascinating. For real we cannot act like this is talked about at home. Either KellyAnne is the soulless twat she appears to be or she is one hell of an actress. Shit who am I kidding no one is that good.