On Tuesday night’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the host did an extended segment on how Kanye’s behavior toward Kim has been dangerous and it’s time for more people to step in, get him to back off and leave Kim alone. Noah referenced his own experiences in watching his mother, a domestic violence survivor, try to get help and be turned away, as he discussed how alarming Kanye’s escalating harassment of Kim has been.


Noah also examined how hard it is for women in similar situations to get help, when someone as rich and powerful as Kim Kardashian can’t get her ex to stop harassing her. It was a very thoughtful, reasonable segment, to which Kanye had a predictable over-the-top reaction.

This whole situation is difficult, because on one hand there’s a point where I just don’t think we need to keep giving air to Kanye’s endless shenanigans. Frankly, I wasn’t this involved in my own parents’ divorce, so I don’t need to know every intimate detail of Kim and Kanye’s split. However, when his behavior raises red flags for domestic violence survivors and advocates, we need to talk about it as much as we can, because we can’t let him harass and emotionally abuse his ex-wife in public and not call it out. And keeping him off Instagram for 24 hours is not a real punishment, so let’s start talking about actual consequences for his dangerous behavior.