Shelby County Sheriff's Office

In a twist of fate, Judge Joe Brown, has been sentenced to five days in jail after being charged with five counts of contempt of court in Tennessee, court officials in Memphis told the Associated Press.

On Monday, the star of the now cancelled TV show Judge Joe Brown, was held in contempt after causing an outburst during a child support hearing, Shelby County Juvenile Court officials told AP.

"He darn near caused a riot in the courtroom, he had people so inflamed," said Dan Michael, chief magistrate judge of the Shelby County Juvenile Court

The 66-year-old Brown was representing a woman who had been brought in on a warrant in a child support case, Michael said. According to AP the former TV judge caused quite a scene as he began yelling at Magistrate Judge Harold "Hal" Horne. He repeatedly challenged the judge's authority and at one point he began addressing a crowd of people inside the courtroom.

No word on whether Brown had retained a lawyer and several news stations were reporting that Brown had been released from jail.


Brown is currently running in the Democratic primary for district attorney general of Shelby County.

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