Ind. Teen Shot Dead for Laughing at Neighbor

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Kobe Jones 
NBC Chicago

Police say 13-year-old Kobe Jones was shot dead by his Gary, Ind., neighbor after the boy reportedly laughed at the man, whose home was burglarized earlier that day.

According to NBC Chicago, the neighbor, whose name had not been released, returned home with his girlfriend to find that his house had been robbed while they were away. The man reportedly began making a scene outside his home, which caused Kobe to laugh. The neighbor shot the boy nine times, police say. Kobe died on the scene.  


"I was told that my son was laughing and the guy shot him dead," Kobe's father, Kaunda Jones, told the news station.

The neighbor and his girlfriend reportedly fled the scene after the shooting but were captured by police later that evening.


Kobe was one of 12 siblings. Family members told the news station that he was a funny and outgoing young man.

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