How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Trying to Fix Bad Karma

Scene from How to Get Away With Murder
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It’s been about a month since anyone in Annalise Keating’s close circle killed anyone (that we know of), and now they seem to be focused on becoming better people—or maybe just not adding any more bad luck to their already damaged karma.

Connor Betrays Annalise

Connor, who chopped up Sam’s body and once figuratively pushed a man into suicide after literally screwing him, doesn’t want anyone else to get away with murder. So when the crew discovered that Zoey—the teen the team is defending this week—wasn’t as remorseful for her part in a murder as she portrayed, he figuratively screwed everyone by leaking damning video to the prosecution. What does Annalise do when people sabotage her cases? The professor reminded Connor about his blood-soaked car that once transported her dead husband’s body. Is it really gone, or has she just stashed it away somewhere for safekeeping? Will his attempt to readjust his karma backfire?


What Is Wes’ Problem?

Wes remains on his mission to discover what happened to Rebecca. He now believes that Frank’s friend Bruno buried her body at a cemetery. He might be motivated by a desire to find justice for his former lover. Maybe he wants to absolve himself of the guilt he feels over Sam’s murder by being Rebecca’s posthumous savior, but it seems more plausible that he is trying to get revenge on Annalise. Though she kept him out of jail, he seemingly holds a grudge about his ex, who involved everyone in her messy affairs in the first place. His karma is still out of whack.


Asher’s on His Own

Asher, the only Keating Five member who doesn’t have blood on his hands, wants to keep it that way. After weeks of hearing whispers from his colleagues and being questioned by the prosecutor, he’s ready to share what he knows. However, Bonnie, whom he affectionately refers to as Bon Bon, tries to keep him quiet by taking the blame for Sam’s murder. She doesn’t seem quite so concerned about her karma.


When Your Boyfriend’s Wife Calls …

Annalise also proves that she has a moral line she won’t cross. Despite pleas from Nate’s wife, Nia, she refuses to deliver pills to the sickly woman, who wants to end her life. Nia mistakenly believes that Annalise killed her own husband, so why wouldn’t the adulterous murderer help put Nia out of her misery? Annalise, however, doesn’t believe that Nia deserves to die and allows her to linger on. It remains to be seen whether Annalise continues to sleep with Nate, who clearly has a type, but since Nia all but blessed their extramarital activities, their affair shouldn’t technically count against her karma. Is that how it works?


Caleb and Michaela Click?

As for the Hapstall siblings, it turns out they’re not lovers. Yes, that’s a pleasant surprise. Christina is actually a virgin, and Annalise has her examined to prove it. Caleb, on the other hand, hasn’t made such a claim, and Michaela, who was sent to prep him but whose boobs didn’t work as well as Annalise hoped, might become the beneficiary of his skills. She has, however, already bestowed the “boyfriend” label on Levi, who is still working with Wes. The girl has seemingly moved on from her former fiance and is likely hoping that she has some good karma coming her way after enduring such an ugly breakup.


Karma’s a Bitch

Although Annalise has been busy with murder cases, euthanasia requests and her multiple lovers, she’s still keeping the Keating Five in check. She didn’t confront Nate and Wes when she saw the two together, but she clearly made a mental note of their meeting, and it’s not the last time they’ll work together. Four weeks from now, they’ll be stuffed in a car together with the rest of Wes’ classmates as Annalise is carried off to the hospital, fighting for her life. You know what they say about karma.


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