Talk about being alone; Annalise’s (Viola Davis) husband is dead, and the two men she’s closest to are now conspiring to bring her down.
Mitch Haaseth/ABC

It was not one of Annalise Keating’s best weeks, and viewers know that in about two months (TV time), things are going to get worse for the law professor, who is now taking it one day at a time and coping with her lonely nights one drink at a time. Her drunkenness might become a problem, but that seems as trivial as a dead mouse in the basement when you’re aware of what’s to come.

The Opposite of Utopia

Luckily for Annalise, she has a case to distract her from her current less-than-ideal situation. (Her lovers are gone, her husband is dead and her students aren’t making life any easier.) However, the Utopia Circle sex-club case might just remind Annalise how lonely she is.

Her client, who owns the sex club, is charged with murdering a married man. With the help of Michaela and Connor—who’s proud of himself for not indulging in carnal pleasures at Utopia—Annalise wins the case. She receives a personal invitation to the venue in return, but instead of donning a sexy, little black dress and entering the circle, she visits Nate. However, Nate understandably rejects the woman who framed him for a murder he didn’t commit. Sure, she helped get him released and blackmailed a cop into getting him a new job, but murder charges don’t just disappear with a few guilt-inspired acts.

Wesley Recruits Nate

Nate isn’t over Annalise’s betrayal, and he has seemingly formed a partnership with Wes—who has finally remembered that Michaela’s Levi knows Rebecca—to seek revenge. Wes confronts Levi, who claims that he’s only looking for his foster sister and he thinks Annalise might have something to do with her disappearance. The two team up, and Nate apparently rounds out the trio.


It’s not hard to believe that Wes and Levi, two men who admittedly love Rebecca, agree to work together, but where does Nate fit in? He made a connection with her before her death, but is his current involvement more about finding the truth or paying back Annalise for using him?

That remains to be seen, but based on an episode flash-forward, Nate is in pretty deep. As the Keating Five flee the residence of the allegedly incestuous Hapstall siblings, Nate frantically calls Annalise to make sure she’s all right. He doesn’t get an answer because she’s too wounded to reach her phone. Instead he gets a car full of law students after he finds them hiding—poorly—in the woods and helps them escape the scene.


After she’s used, abused or covered up the murder of her so-called loved ones, is there anyone Annalise can trust?