Houston, Weave Have a Problem: Robbers Steal Pricey Fake Hair

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Surveillance video shows a man apparently loading a pickup truck with stolen goods during a hair heist in Houston.   

Houston police say that a group of men in a truck who smashed into a beauty store and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive weaves and wigs may have also done the same type of smash-and-grab at a cellphone store later the same morning.

Authorities told Click 2 Houston that the high-priced hair heist happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday at Beauty Sensation in Houston. The news station viewed surveillance video of reportedly the same group of men involved in the beauty-store robbery, smashing into a T-Mobile store around 4:30 the same morning.


Police say that the truck was used to smash into the beauty store’s entrance and that three men then entered the store, followed by as many as five other people who were parked, waiting, in a nearby truck. Up to eight people can be seen in the store’s surveillance video, according to the news station, which notes that the robbery took less than two minutes.  

“They knew exactly where it was. They threw away the cheap hair on the floor and they only kept the expensive ones. They were scattered around the store and they picked the most expensive ones,” Kevin Kim, the owners’ son told the news station.

Kim told Click 2 Houston that the stolen weaves can cost customers as much as $200 apiece, and the wigs can run as much as $450.

Police received a call a few hours after the first heist stating that a vehicle matching the description of the first robbery had just rammed into a T-Mobile store. Click 2 Houston reports that several cellphones were taken, and some $15,000 worth of damage was done to the building.


Read more at Click 2 Houston.

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