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President Trump, like most IG “models,” refuses to admit that he doesn’t wake up this naturally orange. We all know that his daily makeup routine includes, at the very least, painting his face with decayed coyote blood. Yet and still, the president keeps claiming that his images have been photoshopped by haters.


Late Friday, an unverified Twitter user posted a photo of the president with his face looking like he still has not learned how to blend his spaghetti-tinted foundation into his Tupperware skin.

According to Vox, “The photo was shared by the account @photowhitehouse, which claims to be run by a photographer named “William Moon.” It features Trump looking wryly over his shoulder, with the wind picking his hair up in a way that reveals a stark contrast between the color of his face and the area around his hairline.”


The photo has gone viral, with several Twitter users wondering what in the weathered basketball face hell is going on. Of course, the image very well could’ve been photoshopped as the president’s face does seem more pumpkin than normal, but fuck that guy.

What might be the most glorious part of the whole photo fiasco is that it got under Trump’s orange-tinted skin so badly that he took a break from coloring to tweet about it.


Because Trump spends most of his time trying to deny that he uses Taylor Swift’s makeup line, “Satan’s Vomit,” there has been much speculation as to what causes his skin to look like an unroasted sweet potato. Vox notes that the president even went so far as to blame the “energy-efficient lightbulbs for his orange sheen.”

“The new lightbulb costs five times as much, and it makes you look orange. And I was more interested in the orange than I was in the cost,” he said during a rally in Milwaukee in January.


Either way, fuck this guy.

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