GTFOH Trump Watch: The Boredom of White-on-White Violence

Protesters enter the U.S. Capitol Building on January 06, 2021, in Washington, DC.
Protesters enter the U.S. Capitol Building on January 06, 2021, in Washington, DC.
Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

I must say that when I heard that terrorists were coming to town to march for their leader I was excited. Not because I wanted these clowns in the city that raised me, but I thought a front-row seat to some good ol fashioned white-on-white violence would be entertaining. I know. Call me what you want. But the idea of police fighting white supremacy was a refreshing start to the new year.


Looking back on it now, I must admit that I was naive. It never dawned on me that police were in on it, too. I know. I know. I watched clips of police letting thugs into restricted areas. I watched clips of police taking selfies with these animals. I watched as the police coddled these psychopaths as they stormed the Capitol.

And here is the craziest part: It wasn’t even a battle with the police, not only because they were in on it (which they totally were); the police weren’t even there. For weeks, the president had been gassing his followers up with lies of a stolen election and hidden votes and all types of QAnon crazy shit. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had a Google calendar invite to the event because that’s how long we all knew about it, and there were no tanks, no police in riot gear, no extra cans of tear gas, no bullhorns, no National Guard. Nothing. In fact, once the terrorists stormed the Capitol to steal things that weren’t bolted down and take selfies in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office, police were called in from surrounding areas because America loves violent whiteness. It was raised on it. It’s the American way.

So what did we learn from all of this? Well, if you’re Black, then we learned nothing. Not one thing. Everything we witnessed is exactly what we’ve known our whole lives—like passive Blackness is more terrifying than active violent whiteness. We see it every time police shoot unarmed Black men and women and can claim “I was in fear of my life.” We’ve known all our lives that white supremacy is real and unchecked. We’ve known for centuries that the white world bends to protect whiteness. We tried to tell anyone who’d listen that the police are in on it, they always have been.

This wasn’t a spectacular surprise or an uprising. It was white people doing white people shit. Like turning a pickup truck into a pool or leaning their face over to get the shit smacked out of it by a Twisted Tea. They’ve been doing this shit for centuries and the end result is that it all will go unchecked. It always has.

And yes, Trump created this violence. He’s been doing it for the past four years, so forgive the Black folks who were not only tired of trying to warn y’all that this was coming, but are also completely “meh” about the whole thing.

White democracy took a hit on Wednesday, and white America was all-a-gasp. Meanwhile, Black people were watching the shitshow like a fight between two has-beens and it all turned out to be as boring as we thought it would.


Trump: After the Failed Coup, I Will Leave Peacefully

At this point, I don’t care how he leaves; I just want him to go. He can leave peacefully, or he can leave kicking and screaming, just as long as he leaves. The whole “robbed president” thing is just old and tired. The president lost not only the election but his right to bitch and complain about it on Twitter (well, for 12 hours) and I just want the man gone.


After Wednesday’s failed coup attempt, Trump is now vowing an “orderly transition” which had to be issued in a statement and not a tweet, because banned.

Meanwhile, everyone in Trump-land is jumping ship and fuck them, too. They stayed during all his bullshit but the failed attempt to break into Congress was the straw that broke their racist backs? Fuck them.


From CNN:

The resignations began Wednesday with the first lady’s chief of staff, the White House social secretary, a deputy press secretary and Trump’s deputy national security adviser all exiting before the night’s end.

Other officials, sources told CNN, had been considering resigning. And a growing number of Republican leaders and Cabinet members told CNN on Wednesday that they were considering having Trump removed from office by impeachment or through the invocation of the 25th Amendment.


I don’t care who leaves this rat-infested Titanic of an administration just so long as they bounce.



Worst thing is the Do-Nothing/Don’t Rock the Boat party that is the Democrats, they’ve already boldly committed to not rocking the boat and doing nothing about all this. The Dems have just taken the votes of all the new voters from the last election, and thrown them away. Their committent to not punishing this attempt has just demotivated most of their base, while the GOP-Treasonbase is even more energized. The Dems are gonna get slaughtered at the midterms, and it is their inaction today that has caused it.