Georgia Court Lists ‘Slave’ as Occupation


A court in DeKalb County, Ga., has some serious explaining to do after a juror filling out a online questionnaire said that when he pressed the letter "S" under occupation, trying to find "sales," he got "slave" instead, USA Today reports.

Court Administrator Cathy McCumber told the newspaper that the questionnaire went online a month ago and that the list for occupations is 62 pages long. She wasn't sure if the word slave has always been listed or if it was added before the document when online to the public.

Outside the courthouse, county residents expressed their disbelief. "That is not an occupation, slave is not an occupation," said Cheryl Glass.

"So they're saying it's a mistake?" asked Bridgette Mathis. "I don't think so. Why is that even an option? Wow."


The company that designed the software says the occupation portion of the drop-down menus is populated by the county, USA Today reports.

McCumber told the newspaper that the word was removed from the online form within an hour after it was brought to county officials' attention.

"Hopefully it's just a glitch, and hopefully it will be worked out," resident Anna Wyatt told the newspaper. "It doesn't make sense, but at the same time, people make mistakes."

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