George Zimmerman Punched in the Face After Bragging About Killing Trayvon Martin: Report

George Zimmerman in 2013
Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images
George Zimmerman in 2013
Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images

George Zimmerman won't stop talking about killing Trayvon Martin, except this time, he apparently got punched in the face for it.


According to witnesses who spoke with CNN, Zimmerman walked into a Florida restaurant and bragged about killing the unarmed teen in 2012.

Joseph Whitmer told the news station that he and some friends were sitting at a table inside the Gators Riverside restaurant in Sanford when Zimmerman came up and said, "I love your tattoos. My name is George Zimmerman, you know, that guy who killed Trayvon Martin?"

One of the men at the table, David Worrell, asked Zimmerman to prove his identity. Zimmerman flashed his ID, and Worrell asked Zimmerman to leave the table.

Worrell told the news station that another of their friends, identified as Eddie in police reports, confronted Zimmerman and the two exchanged words. Eddie reportedly asked Zimmerman if he was bragging about killing the unarmed teen and then punched Zimmerman in the face.

Zimmerman claims he was merely recognized by the men and then confronted. Restaurant staff separated the two men. Zimmerman called the police and Eddie left.

According to the 911 call obtained by WFTV, Zimmerman requested several cops as he believed the man was coming back to kill him:

911 dispatcher: “What started the argument?”

Zimmerman: “He recognized me. He told me he was going to kill me; he told me he'd [expletive] shoot me and he punched me in the face.”


Zimmerman claimed he had been explaining to people sitting at a table that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense when a large man approached and asked, “You're bragging about that?” before punching Zimmerman in the face:

Zimmerman: “This man just punched me in the face.”

Dispatcher: “Is he still there?”

Zimmerman: “Yup. He said he's going to kill me.  You need to send like three or four cops.”


Zimmerman also requested an ambulance and added that he was bleeding. CNN notes that the investigating officer suggested that Eddie be detained on battery charges.

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