Future’s Baby Daddy Just Made the Seattle Seahawks Level Up, Becomes NFL’s Highest Paid Player

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Russell Wilson just spiked the ball on Future’s face—not only did he just become the highest paid player in the NFL, signing a $140 million extension to stay with the Seattle Seahawks, which includes a $65 million signing bonus, he flexed on everyone by posting a video to social media of him lying in bed with his wife and Future’s ex, Ciara.


“Hey Seattle, we got a deal,” Wilson said. “Go ’hawks. But I’ma see y’all in the morning. Time for y’all to go to bed.”

According to ESPN, with the four years added to his contract, Wilson, 30, will be with the Seahawks until 2023 as the contract includes a no-trade clause. Wilson will presumably be with Future’s ex even longer.

The Root has obtained exclusive footage of Future learning of Wilson’s new contract.

Not only did Wilson break quarterback contract records, beating out Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ contract (Wilson will average of $35 million per season, where as Rodgers was making $33.5 million), Wilson’s signing bonus also sets a record (Rodgers received a $57.5 million bonus on an extension he signed last summer.)


From ESPN:

The deal was apparently finished after four days of negotiations between the Seahawks and Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, who arrived at the team’s headquarters Friday.

It keeps Wilson, a five-time Pro Bowler and the quarterback of the only Super Bowl-winning team in Seahawks history, under contract through his age-35 season. And it avoids the messy route of Wilson going year-to-year on the franchise tag, which would have paved the way for an eventual divorce.

“At the end of the day, my guy wants to live, work, thrive in Seattle,” Rodgers said Tuesday. “Loves this town and its fans. He compromised to stay here. I respect that.”


More importantly, it keeps Wilson paid well into the future.

See what I did there?

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i really wish he’d stop with the soft porn posts. his pseudoscience nano-bubble BS is one thing but these vids he does with his beard are another level of creepy.

as for the football side of it, the contracts are never honored and i fully expect the club to BS their way to cry cap space when they have plenty and it conitunes to grow. they failed to protect him last season and dont think they’ve done a good job so far this offseason. the club needs to draft D and Wides and hope to grab a few FA vets for the line. i also hope to get a few RBs in camp as undrafted FAs and not waste picks for them.

they had a great season for a well below average roster last season and as much as i dislike Carrol the person, he knows how to make work fun and players like it at VMAC. the NFC west is tough but they get AFC north and NFC south and could win 6 of those 8 games.

i also fully expect Russ to be hosting the bowling tourney this year too and more than 1 movie night on the road.

Go Seachickens GO!!!!