Fox News Cut Lindsey Graham Off in the Middle of Him Begging With His Begging Ass

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South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham just can’t stop begging with his begging ass, and you know who is sick of it? Fox News. Do you know how much Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump’s favorite ass pimple, has to beg for Republican PornHub to be so tired of his begging that they cut him off mid-beg?!


Well that’s what happened Tuesday during an appearance on Cheeky Van Heusen’s show (I don’t know any of these people that host shows on this network, nor do I want to.) Graham is in a tight race against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison. Harrison has raised so much money that he’s literally forced Lindsey Graham to turn begging into a third job (his first job is keeping his lips attached to the president’s taint and his second job is ruining the country).

Well, Republican OnlyFans is getting tired of Graham’s begging with his begging ass and during his second attempt at pleading for money from viewers, they just calmly cut his ass off.

According to HuffPost, Graham’s pleas for help have been working, as he raised $28 million in the third quarter, a record for a Republican Senate candidate, but that doesn’t mean that Republican XVideos isn’t tired of his shit. And despite that large sum tossed into Graham’s styrofoam cup, Harrison has still dwarfed his begging ass with a record $57 million during the same time period.

Graham’s been whiny-begging so much that CNN collected all of his grovelings into a supercut:


Of course, Twitter had jokes on Graham and his blatant attempts to try and bring money back to his campaign after money said that it was tired of the lies and sharing time. My most favorite response would have to be the one below that encourages Graham to work harder as it builds character.


Murry Chang

Hey Lindsey, pick yourself up by your bootstraps bro!