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Former White House Staffer Accused of Domestic Violence Was Being Considered for Promotion: Report

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a normal government like, say, Wakanda, a person with a history of domestic violence would not be able to ascend the ranks even as the FBI was denying said person security clearance. That person would not be allowed to date T’Challa’s fake daughter because he would have been banished from the kingdom. Sadly, though, this is America and the White House is run by one of the most evil characters ever known to man: White Satan.

White Satan does not care about domestic violence charges, unless domestic violence charges were connected to, say, a Latino-and-African-American football player who kneels during the national anthem; then the president would really care about domestic violence issues.

Now reports are emerging that Rob Porter, the disgraced former White House secretary who handled classified documents although he never had security clearance, was lobbying for a higher position in Trump’s administration at the time he abruptly resigned.


Here’s how CNN explains the White House’s love affair with Porter:

His anticipated elevation further highlights how top White House officials were willing to overlook indications from the FBI that there were potential abuse allegations in his background in exchange for professional competence in a tumultuous West Wing.

Porter had been actively lobbying to take on new policy portfolios outside the traditional scope of the staff secretary, one person familiar with the matter said, which included speechwriting duties and a role in planning policy rollouts. Neither of those tasks is traditionally carried out by the staff secretary.

One of the areas Porter was set to delve further into was trade policy, according to the person. Porter was a regular attendee at a weekly trade meeting among top-level administration officials.

He was also being considered for the deputy chief of staff position, another source familiar with the situation said. CNN reported Friday that Jim Carroll, who served as the deputy chief of staff for less than three months, was stepping down to helm the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Several White House officials, including chief of staff John Kelly, were receptive to promoting Porter. Kelly had told associates that Porter was one of the few competent professionals on his staff and wanted to ensure that he was being used to his full potential. CNN has reported that Kelly was aware for months of the potential that Porter’s ex-wives could present damaging information on him.

Kelly “definitely wanted to expand his role,” a source familiar tells CNN.

If only there were a group of superhuman women who could have stopped White Satan from getting into a office. A powerful group of women who donned magical pink pussy hats and who marched in force. If only those women had a candidate who spoke to their issues and rallied behind their causes, maybe the world would be in better shape and we wouldn’t know Rob Porter as anything other than the scum he is accused of being. Does anyone know of a group like this? The world needs them, and not even all of them—just a select 53 percent willing to stand up to tyranny.