The White House Knew That Rob Porter Had Allegedly Assaulted His Ex-Wives and Kept Him Around Anyway: Report

White House chief of staff John Kelly and Staff Secretary Rob Porter leave the White House on Nov. 29, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
White House chief of staff John Kelly and Staff Secretary Rob Porter leave the White House on Nov. 29, 2017, in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The White House has become an endless, vast hole of shame and embarrassment. Just when you think that the allegations coming from one of the most revered and respected adobes worldwide can’t get any worse, the entire White House—staff, administration, housekeeping—is like, “Hold my folders.”


On Wednesday the White House was rocked by allegations that Staff Secretary Rob Porter abused two of his ex-wives. The rumors were supported by photos showing one of Porter’s ex-wives with a black eye. Now several sources are reporting that the White House was fully aware of claims that Porter was a serial abuser and not only hired him but also allowed him to continue an untrammeled rise within the administration—including dating Trump’s fake daughter, Hope Hicks, to whom the president affectionately creepily refers as “Hopie” and “Hopester.”

According to CNN, the president knew for months that Porter had been accused of domestic abuse, and even after Tuesday’s bombshell report by the Daily Mail, which included claims that Porter was both verbally and physically abusive to his ex-wives, the White House was still scrambling to keep him on staff.

Porter denied the allegations but resigned Wednesday. The White House, however, announced shortly after his resignation that Porter wouldn’t be leaving the White House immediately, CNN reports.

“These outrageous allegations are simply false. I took the photos given to the media nearly 15 years ago and the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described. I have been transparent and truthful about these vile claims, but I will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear campaign,” Porter said in a statement provided by the White House, Axios reports. “My commitment to public service speaks for itself. I have always put duty to country first and treated others with respect. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have served in the Trump Administration and will seek to ensure a smooth transition when I leave the White House.”

Which raises the question, why is the White House working so hard to keep Porter on staff? Well, I can’t make this any plainer: Porter is dating Hopie! Hopie is not only the president’s fake daughter (totally normal for this president to have a fake daughter; seriously, there is nothing to see here) but is also considered a member of the untouchable staff, which includes the president’s actual family. CNN notes that before Porter resigned, Hopie, who serves as the White House communications director, helped draft a supportive statement from White House chief of staff John Kelly.

“Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor and I can’t say enough good things about him. He is a friend, a confidante and a trusted professional. I am proud to serve alongside him,” the statement from Kelly reads, CNN reports.


Kelly now notes that he was “shocked” by the allegations against Porter but stands by his initial statement.

And, get this, CNN notes that the claims against Porter were found during a routine background check by the FBI a year ago. So Porter worked at the White House for a year, worked very closely with the president and his chief of staff, but didn’t have security clearance? Where they do that at?


Clearly, President “Grab ’em by the Pussy” is no feminist. Hell, he told the repugnantly smug Piers Morgan as much during a recent interview. He’s never been a champion of women’s rights, yet 53 percent of white women voted against their self-interests to put him in office.

This president is trash, and clearly everyone around him is such. It’s blatantly obvious that the president is flying by the seat of his pants and wearing his KFC bucket on his head because he has no clue what he’s doing in the White House and doesn’t care whom he offends. Porter shouldn’t have needed to resign because he never should have been hired! But they knew that and did it anyway because, well ... Hopie!

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