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Ex-NBA Player Sebastian Telfair Caught With ‘Grand Theft Auto’-Style Weapons Cache: Report

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Former NBA player Sebastian Telfair was caught riding around in a vehicle with a damn arsenal in the car and, oh, marijuana, authorities say.


The 32-year-old New York City street ball legend was charged with multiple infractions after a Brooklyn, N.Y., traffic stop resulted in authorities finding “firearms, a semi-automatic rifle, ammunition, a ballistic vest and marijuana inside their vehicle,” ESPN reports.

Telfair and another man were arrested at the scene; it was unclear whether Telfair was still in custody or if he had a lawyer.

Image of weapons and ammunition seized during Sebastian Telfair’s arrest (New York City Police Department handout)
Image of weapons and ammunition seized during Sebastian Telfair’s arrest (New York City Police Department handout)

According to CBS News, the 2004 NBA draft pick, who currently lives in Orlando, Fla., was arrested just before 3 a.m. Sunday after an F-150 truck he was in was pulled over after being illegally parked on a median and pulling off without headlights.

Telfair played for several teams during his 10-year basketball career, including the Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves. His career ended after a failed stint in China in 2014.

This isn’t Telfair’s first brush with the law; he was arrested after a traffic stop in 2007 when police said they found a loaded handgun inside his vehicle. He pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon and was sentenced to three years of probation, CBS News reports.


Read more at ESPN and CBS News.

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Well that is a clickbait title if I have ever seen one. Also try to plagiarize ESPN less, or just not write anything and link to the story, you almost wrote word for word the ESPN story. Not find the common word and use a thesaurus. 

Almost every single person who goes to a shooting range will have more guns and ammo in their car than this. Example: last time I went with 2 other people we combined had 4-ARs, 2-AKs, 2 shotguns and 6-pistols with over thousand rounds. OH EM GEE CALL THE POLEEECE

What you should have done if you weren’t trying to be a clickbait “blogger” is say they had drugs in the car. That is why this story is going around, large amount of cannabis with guns (a bulletproof vest) is the real issue.