Former Buffalo Bills Lineman Claims to Know the ‘Whole Story’ in LeSean McCoy’s Domestic-Violence Beef

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Remember Richie Incognito, the swollen-faced white man who used to play for the Miami Dolphins and was accused of bullying then-teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013? And by bullying, I mean taunting him with racial slurs. Well, Incognito would go on to play for the Buffalo Bills, the same team that running back LeSean McCoy plays for and now, and Incognito has joined the fray to say that he knows everything.


“I support and stand by my boy, Shady,” Incognito said Tuesday night on Twitter, Yahoo Sports reports. “I know the full story and he didn’t do it. People can be quick to make false assumptions without knowing the full story.”

Incognito was referencing claims that McCoy reportedly assaulted his former girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, after graphic images showing Cordon badly beaten and bruised were posted to Instagram by Cordon’s friend. In the IG post, Cordon’s friend claimed that the bruises were inflicted by McCoy and noted that the running back was an “animal” who’d inflicted severe beatings on his dog and young son. Oh, the woman also claimed that McCoy was the devil and that he was using performance-enhancing drugs in the now deleted post.

McCoy took to his social media to insist that he had nothing to do with Cordon’s injuries. McCoy and Cordon were engaged in an ongoing court battle over a Georgia home owned by McCoy, who accused Cordon of refusing to leave. Cordon claimed that the house was a gift by McCoy, who only wanted it back now that the relationship had ended.

It’s all messy and drama-filled, two things that Incognito must enjoy since he decided to add his voice to the chorus, tweeting this of Cordon, “Enough with this fake lifestyle she was living.”

Who knows if Incognito knows anything. Yahoo Sports tried to make sense of his tweets noting, “It’s unclear whether Incognito is simply claiming that McCoy didn’t personally assault Cordon or whether Incognito knows (or thinks he knows) with certainty that McCoy had no involvement with it.”

“She was definitely assaulted,” Incognito tweeted. “Police were involved. Shady was in Florida and she was in Atlanta.”


But, we know that. We didn’t know where McCoy was but police have already come out and said that she was a victim of a targeted home invasion. Cordon’s friend amended her comments to note that she’s putting the blame on McCoy because she believes that he sent goons to the house to rob Cordon. TMZ Sports notes that Cordon’s lawyers also implied that McCoy was the mastermind behind the robbery, claiming that the robbers were asking for specific gifts given to Cordon by McCoy and that there were no signs of forced entry.

Unless Incognito has text messages or phone recordings that he needs to share with the police that will shed light on exactly what took place, he needs to stop playing Twitter detective and go back to enjoying his retirement, which I’m sure includes wrestling alligators or killing unsuspecting animals or whatever racists football players do once they retire.



When a black man’s back up is Richie Incognito,

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