Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Some White Irish UFC Guy Set to Fight in August

Chris Carlson/AP Images
Chris Carlson/AP Images

The biggest fight that no one cares about and yet everyone cares about is finally happening. Unbeaten and undisputed pound-for-pound greatest boxer, and arguably all-around horrible person, Floyd Mayweather will be fighting some white Irish UFC guy on Aug 26.

That’s right—it looks as if UFC President Dana White and Money Mayweather Promotions have pulled it off and are making this fight happen, Yahoo! Sports reports. It’s truly going to be a waste of all of our collective time. But are we going to watch it? Of course we are. Is it going to suck? Of course it is! And here’s why: Mayweather is the best boxer who doesn’t get hit. Other professional boxers at the highest level of boxing could not hit this man.

“White Irish UFC guy” has trained his entire life to use four weapons—both feet and both hands—and he comes into this fight giving up two of those. This is a modern-day old-school circus attraction, and I’m not talking old-school Barnum & Bailey shit; I’m talking cowboy-tent-show garbage.


Want to know what you get when you mix professional boxing with the UFC? You get the WWE. This is going to be a damn mess. Will it break box-office records? Most likely, because Mayweather sells fights only because people want to see him get his block knocked off. He’s great at being the bad guy. He’s arrogant and abrasive, and he’s got the money to be both.

The part that is missed because of Mayweather’s troubles outside the ring is that he’s a brilliant but boring boxer. Make no mistake about it—he’s a boring boxer because he’s that good at not getting hit. And this white Irish wrestling guy who has made a name for himself following the Mayweather playbook has literally worked himself into a huge payday by being a white version of a black guy.

America loves that shit.

So everyone will pick a side and hope that their respective side wins, but let me save you some money: This fight, if you can even call it that, won’t be close. In fact, unless Mayweather stops moving and allows himself to get hit just to make it interesting, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

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To clarify, Connor McGregor is going to fight, Floyd Mayweather is going to turtle and walk backwards.