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The Confederate flag flies on the Statehouse grounds in Columbia, S.C., June 23, 2015, one day after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley announced that she would call for the Confederate flag to be removed.
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A white Jacksonville, Fla., woman faces five years in prison after pleading guilty to lying to a federal officer about whether she'd placed an image of a Confederate flag on a black co-worker's desk.  

Susan Thompson and the co-worker were federal workers at the Jacksonville office of the Army Corps of Engineers, according to Newsweek. In June, shortly after the massacre in Charleston, S.C., in which Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and killed nine people, Thompson, 58, printed an image of a Confederate flag at home and then brought it to work and placed it on the co-worker's desk. The co-worker and Thompson had a contentious relationship prior to the incident, Newsweek reports.


When Thompson was questioned about the flag, she reportedly lied to investigators twice. Thompson later resigned and admitted to having left the photo of the flag, but added that the incident was not racially motivated. If convicted, Thompson could face five years in prison.

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