Fla. Teen Accused of Posing as Doctor Is Arrested on New Theft Charges

Malachi Love-Robinson
Malachi Love-Robinson

Malachi Love-Robinson, the Florida teenager who grabbed national attention after he was arrested on charges he posed as a doctor at his own clinic, faces new charges after allegedly writing a bad check, the Associated Press reports.

Love-Robinson has been hit with new charges of grand theft and fraud after allegedly writing a bad check for $1,500 as a down payment for a car. According to the report, the 19-year-old—who had been free on $18,000 bail when he was arrested on the new charges—was released from the Palm Beach County Jail Monday after another $8,000 in bail was posted.

Love-Robinson was first arrested back in February and charged with practicing medicine without a license while allegedly running the New Birth, New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic.


In March he was arrested again, that time on charges he allegedly used another person's identity.

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