Malachi Love-Robinson
ABC News Screenshot

The 18-year-old Florida teen who was arrested last month on charges he impersonated a doctor has been arrested again, this time on charges he used another person's identity.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Malachi Love-Robinson was taken into custody Tuesday and charged with one count of larceny and five counts of using another person's identification without consent. On Wednesday, Judge Joseph Marx ordered that Love-Robinson undergo a mental-health assessment, and he was issued supervised release.

Love-Robinson made national news Feb. 16 when he was arrested on charges he not only posed as a doctor but also opened his own clinic in West Palm Beach. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Love-Robinson was taken into custody after a sting operation in which the teen reportedly gave a physical examination to an undercover officer.

Court records show that Love-Robinson's latest arrest comes after he was accused of stealing checks from Anita Morrison, 86, during several visits he made to her home as a doctor. The elderly woman said that she found the teen doctor on the Internet.


Love-Robinson allegedly used checks stolen from Morrison to pay $29,700 toward Nissan auto loans, as well as $3,000 to Citibank and almost $1,800 to Capital One toward credit card debt, the newspaper reports.

Love-Robinson's attorney, Andrew Stine, told the newspaper that his client was clear during the Feb. 16 examination with the undercover officer that he was not a medical doctor. He also called Love-Robinson's latest arrests merely "accusations." He said that his client has an "entrepreneurial spirit" like that of Donald Trump.


"I think we lose sight of who he is," Stine told the Sun-Sentinel. "He's really just a child. I know he's a grown man in the eyes of the law. … The point is he's still a young man."

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