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When a Fox News anchor is piping hot over the president, then you know Donald Trump is messed up. Trump gave a horrible, impromptu press conference Thursday that left even Fox News anchor Shepard Smith tight.

“It’s crazy what we’re watching every day,” Smith said after Trump’s news conference. “It’s absolutely crazy. He keeps repeating ridiculous, throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia as if we’re some kind of fools for asking the question. Really? Your opposition was hacked and the Russians were responsible for it and your people were on the phone with Russia on the same day it was happening, and we’re fools for asking the questions? No, sir.


“We have a right to know,” Smith added. “You call us fake news and put us down like children for asking these questions on behalf of the American people.”

Oh, shit. It’s almost like Smith forgot that he plays on the same team as Trump. It’s like the two were getting into a sideline dispute over one being a bigger idiot than the other. Make no mistake about it: Smith has been at the forefront of Fox spin, but you know you completely fucked up when a Fox News anchor is talking about his homeboy like an enemy. I like this new Smith, but the Trumparians weren’t too pleased with Smith’s honest take.


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