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Despite Stephen A. Smith’s penchant for browbeating sportspeople of color, he is, in fact, still a black man, and he confirmed this during a spot on Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network, in which he declared that he is an ass man.


According to USA Today, Smith let Snoop Dogg know that in a fight between ass and titties, his money is “always, always” on ass.

The setup went like this: Snoop Dogg was playing a bit of a lightning round with Smith in which he asked Smith to answer a series of rapid-fire questions. Snoop warmed up by asking Smith, “What’s the first thing you do or think of when you wake up?”


Smith responded, “God.”

After a few more softball question, Snoop dropped the bombshell: “Ass or titties?”

Smith responded, “Always, always ass.” Smith then added, “I’m associated with Walt Disney, but dammit, everybody knows that I’m a bottom-feeder.”

What was lost in this segment was a casually dropped video showing that boxing analyst Max Kellerman was once a rapper!


What in the holy fuck?! Who knew this, and why didn’t anyone bring this to my attention? You can watch the pale-faced, clean-shaven Kellerman spit hot garbage below:

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