Eric Trump Invited Himself Into Kellyanne Conway’s Marriage and Then Promptly Regretted It

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Eric Trump is a Trump, which means a few things. First, it means that he’s going to do some really stupid shit often. Second, it means that he’s going to do really stupid shit more times than not. And lastly, it means that he’s going to do a lot of stupid shit.


On Tuesday, the junior varsity member of Team Trump decided that he was going to find his way into White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s marriage.

It’s no secret that Conway’s husband George Conway has been one of the president’s most outspoken critics, having recently accused the president of witness tampering in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Conway’s tweet refers to the constitutional statutes for obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

For some reason unknown to actual god and Trump’s god (who happened to be one the lord’s favorite angels before he was cast out of the kingdom, kind of like Tiffany Trump), Eric Trump, the DJ Alamo of Trump’s Brand Nubian, decided to mention that he found George’s tweet to be “utter disrespect” towards George’s wife.


Instead of George Twitter-dragging the Julie McCoy of the White House Loveboat, George let the people do his easy work and simply retweeted other dandies that basically handed Eric his ass.

Like this beauty:


Not as if this needs to be explained but the senior-most Trump was in another room getting his untanned ass spanked with a rolled-up Forbes magazine by adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in 2006 while his wife, the genius migrant worker, Melania Trump, had just given birth to their son Barron some months earlier.

But Conway wasn’t finished, he also shared a tweet from Ian Bassin, founder of Protect Democracy, which argued that the Trump family’s disrespect toward institutions is way worse than any of Conway’s critiques on the president.


And finally, Conway shared a sensible tweet which asked a simple question that the Luc Longley of the White House’s Chicago Bulls, Eric Trump, couldn’t explain because the Trumps don’t live in reality.


While I despise Kellyanne Conway’s politics, I don’t despise her marriage and if it works for them, who are we to judge? I mean it isn’t like George cheated on his wife with that one singer from Diddy’s girl group ...


Wait, that was Donald Jr.

Fine, it’s not like George broke up his marriage to get with a Fox News host ...

Still Don Jr.

Well, George’s significant other didn’t try and sell the White House through a visa program ...


I think you’re talking about Jared Kushner and that would be Ivanka’s husband.

Who is Eric Trump, again?

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