Don Lemon Plays ‘Knockout Game’ With ‘Black-Belt Rabbi’

Don Lemon and Rabbi Gary Moskowitz
Don Lemon and Rabbi Gary Moskowitz

Don Lemon, the highly controversial news anchor, volunteered his neck to Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, aka the "black-belt rabbi," to demonstrate how helpless victims can defend themselves against rabble-rousers who prey on unsuspecting people in the "knockout game."

Brooke Baldwin, Lemon's co-anchor, asked "Rambowitz," as he is called, to demonstrate some of his defense techniques by pretending that Lemon was about to sucker-punch him on the street. And Lemon, who apparently missed the irony of the imagery he was creating, obliged.

Since the emergence of the knockout game, some have argued that young black men have been targeting Jews, while others have said that the game is a racist myth that perpetuates fear of young black men. 

"Don’t hurt me," Lemon said as the two rose to take their places.

"Rambowitz" stood still as Lemon threw a lazy, overhand, windmill-style punch toward the rabbi's face, which Moskowitz easily blocked. The rabbi then placed Lemon in a quasi chokehold.


The black-belt rabbi instructed viewers to use their peripheral vision when walking down the street and stay off their cell phones in public. The rabbi said he wants to help the children avoid being targets.

He then demonstrated on Lemon, who continued to shoot wimpy punches that the rabbi ducked or avoided.   

"Careful," Lemon said, pointing to his face, "This is my livelihood here."

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