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Day 2: Melania Trump Still Hates Her Husband and Doesn’t Want to Hold His Tiny Hand

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Melania Trump thought she was signing up to marry a wealthy old man, and in turn, she was willing to act as if she at least liked him. But Donald Trump’s ego got the best of him and he decided to run for president, and since Russia’s given him the White House, Melania now finds herself as first lady and forced to act like she likes the old man and his burned steaks and ketchup.


Lately, Melania can’t hide her disdain for the president as they tour the Middle East, and for the second day in a row, the first lady has hit the president with the “Don’t touch me because I lightweight hate your ass.” On the first day, she hit President Fuck Face with a 360-degree wrist rotation and a light slap (see below).

And shortly after the first miserable couple arrived in Rome, Melania did the “I’m going to brush my hair so I don’t have to touch your little-ass orange hand” move. It’s nice to see that even the first lady, although complicit in all of Trump’s skullduggery, hates his ass, too.

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I am absolutely convinced she used IVF or some other artificial means to get pregnant with Barron. I cannot believe she let that nasty, fat, pasty orange creature lay on top of her.... She damn sure wasn’t on top either! Ugh....(shuddering)