Cash Me Outside: Vanessa Trump ‘Went Gangster’ on Aubrey O’Day After Learning of Her Alleged Affair With Donald Jr.: Report

Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr. in New York City on April 5, 2011
Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr. in New York City on April 5, 2011
Photo: Andrew H. Walker (Getty Images)

Back in 2011, rumors began sprouting that Donald Trump Jr. and failed Danity Kane singer Aubery O’Day were on “Bill O’Reilly and chill” time, which would’ve been fine, except that Lil Donnie was very married with kids.


Recently, those rumors popped up again, and shortly afterward, Vanessa Trump filed for divorce. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, when Vanessa learned of the rumors back in 2011, she called O’Day, who met Lil Donnie during her time as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, and went full Scarface—both the movie and the rapper.

“Vanessa went gangster,” a source with knowledge of the call told the gossip column. “Aubrey was shocked. Vanessa said some extremely unladylike things to her.”

Apparently, before joining the Trump family, Vanessa was an “ill thug” and a “total gangster bitch,” as one high school classmate described her in an article in New York magazine in 1998. Somehow, I’m only getting images of Woah Vicky; this little kid whose parents need to be arrested, and the Dr. Phil-created “Cash Me Outside” girl who has trouble spelling “Bad Baby.”

Nevertheless, the unnamed high school person claimed that Vanessa dated a Latin King for three years before being linked to Leonardo DiCaprio. It looks like Vanessa didn’t put all of her street side away, since she was able to pull it out when she needed it in 2011. But that didn’t ruin Vanessa and Don Jr.’s marriage—the two remained together and had two more children.

After Vanessa filed for divorce, Donald Jr. started hitting the gym and even got a haircut, because a thot only knows how to bop when they get thrown back to the streets. Look for Lil Donnie to start posting Insta-stories and shilling athletic wear on his YouTube channel.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


I figure that any woman named Vanessa, regardless of race, would have extra rings and a jar of Vaseline in their purse because you never know when some shit gonna jump off, be it in a back alley or in the wine aisle at Trader Joe’s.

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