Cam Newton Delivers Words of Wisdom After Stephon Gilmore, More NFL Players Test Positive for Coronavirus: 'Wear Your Mask'

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On the same day we learned that All-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore tested positive for the coronavirus—the third Patriots player to do so—comes the news that two more Tennessee Titans players have tested positive too, bringing the team’s grand total to an inexplicable 22 players and staff members since September 24.


ESPN reports that after the Titans tested negative for two consecutive days, they thought they’d finally be able to return to their facilities and resume football activities. But nope! President Superspreader is presumably walking around their building without a mask too, because the coronavirus has spent the last week and change unleashing Hell’s wrath on the pride and joy of the AFC South.

Last week, the NFL postponed the Titans and Steelers Week 4 showdown to October 25, and I think it’s safe to say that Sunday’s Tennessee-Buffalo game will suffer a similar fate.

In response to the NFL turning into the White House, the league has unveiled new video monitoring protocols that will hopefully restore order before this entire season goes down in bright, Donald Trump-hued flames.

As previously reported at The Root:

The league explained that the video monitoring system is to ensure that all 32 teams are wearing personal protective equipment while in team facilities and traveling. The league also placed a ban on gatherings outside of team facilities.

The new protocols were outlined in a memo Commissioner Roger Goodell sent leaguewide. In addition to the new protocols, the memo firmly outlined the potential financial and competitive consequences that will come from violating them.


Say what you want about the NBA, but by cutting their players off from the rest of Western Civilization they’ve been able to keep the coronavirus at bay and instead focus on delivering a quality product on the court. This wasn’t even an option for the NFL, considering the size of their team rosters and staff, but they gotta do something before this season goes completely off the rails.


Did I mention its only Week 5?



For his part, Cam Newton, who tested positive himself on Saturday, delivered some words of wisdom we should all take heed to.


“Wear your mask,” he tweeted on Wednesday morning. “Keep your distance.”


I’m not quite sure how you accomplish either while playing a contact sport, but hopefully, the rest of the NFL is listening.


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