Black TV Watch: Olivia Pope Gets a New Boo

Olivia Pope talking to Sen. Edison Davis on Scandal (

(The Root) — Even though The Root team was out in New York City partying it up with our The Root 100 honorees, we still kept our eyes peeled for new Olivia Pope developments — and, of course, there were some great ones. Plus, Tamar and Vince aired — a reality show about reality-show stars. Does that mean there will be twice the drama, too?

Scandal (Thursday, 10 p.m. ET; ABC)

Highlight: This week the scandalousness is taken to a new level. Just before mailing a package to Olivia, an anonymous man kills himself. Inside the package is a coded message with clues about CIA spies. Though a handful of spies are revealed to us, we still don’t know what it means.


Next we learn that all the secret meetings involving energy leader Hollis Doyle, Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie and others were about a secret oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. We have a sneaking suspicion that all these secrets are somehow related.

In other, more steamy, news, Olivia has a new boo in Sen. Edison Davis. Even though she's still got it bad for Fitz, it's always fun to do some dipping on the side — a lesson learned from Mr. President himself.

Watch it all here.

Tamar and Vince (Thursday, 9 p.m. ET; WE)

"Yes! With the fashion show over, now I can eat like Precious." — Tamar

Highlight: On this episode, we find a lot of marriage trouble in the air, a little bit of modeling and a very tiny bit of eating. That's because Vince needs a good talking to about his marriage vows, as does his mentor Michael Braxton Sr. (Tamar's dad), and Tamar does some modeling, which means she has to starve herself, of course.


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