Mama Jones and Freddie break up on Chrissy & Mr. Jones (VH1.com)

(The Root) — Last night things got serious. We learned the true extent of Jackie's craziness, Tiny battled her daughter "Dance Dance Revolution"-style and Mama Jones spoke softly to Freddie while carrying her big stick. Plus, The Game hit up Jimmy Kimmel.

Basketball Wives L.A. (Monday, 8 p.m. ET; VH1)

"Like my sister was homeless for, what, three months? Like how can you possibly sleep at night? How can you get into your big, comfy, plush-a— bed in a mansion and know that your daughter is somewhere on somebody's floor, probably unwanted? It's disgusting." —Chantel


"I was like, 'Oh, sh—.' Maylasia did it again. Now I done forgave Jackie again on accident." —Draya

Highlights: As long as we can remember, Jackie's crazy, erratic personality has been a source of entertainment on Basketball Wives L.A., but this week stuff got real. All puns aside, Laura speaks to Jackie's daughter, Chantel, about why her relationship with her mother is strained, and we learn that apparently Jackie was a terrible mother. She would refer to her older daughter as "the fat black one" and drove a wedge between the two sisters, making Chantel do things like timing her sister as she ran on the treadmill.


This revelation comes before a new twist.

While Laura's been secretly talking to Chantel, the clique has been developing an opinion about her. They've decided that Jackie is a well-meaning crazy person and Laura's simply a bully. We can see this getting ugly really quickly. Maybe next episode?


Basketball Wives L.A. 2

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle (Mondays, 9 p.m. EST; VH1)

"The truth is, you never know how good you are until you have reached your threshold of limitations, therefore, I encourage him to fall." —T.I.


"I mean, I have to sit here and support you in your loss and I think I need to be rewarded for that." —T.I.

"I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks." —T.I.

Highlight: Tiny challenges Niq Niq to a video game dance battle. She will be representing all of the young, sexy moms. And apparently, that's enough motivation because she beats Niq Niq, winning the $500 and a car wash.


Plus, Domani faces his skateboarding fears and does some kind of special move in front of all his brothers. Whatever, we love this family.

Chrissy & Mr. Jones (Monday, 9:30 p.m. ET; VH1)

"I'm about to step my foot back into the dragon's lair one last time to see if we can resolve our issues. If not, I'm done with Momma Jones. No more business. She can do whatever with her pum-pum, I don't care." —Freddie


"I don't feel sad with me and Freddie breaking up and the whole nine yards." —Mama Jones

Highlights: Freddie goes to Mama Jones' house, bruised from her last assault, and is greeted with the unidentified weapon she's wielding, and no, it's not her bottle of Pum Kash.


They're business partners so, of course, Freddie is going to deal with the threats and the pain and beg Mama Jones to admit that she loves him and wants him back. Wait — what?!

We have a sneaking suspicion there's been something else going on here because this looks an awful lot like a relationship gone sour, as opposed to just a stinky bottle of Pum perfume.


Well, even though that strange thang is over, Jimmy and Chrissy seem to be on the mend. At lunch, Jimmy gives Chrissy a gown, which of course she pairs with Jordans, and the two hop on the No. 1 train to Harlemworld.

We knew they were getting back together.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Monday, 12 a.m. ET; ABC)

Highlight: The Game's been out of the game (get it?) for a while, but with a new album release on Dec. 11, the Compton rapper visited Jimmy Kimmel to give us a sample of what we've been missing. It's a "Celebration."


Watch the whole show here.

Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.

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