Ashanti insisted that Gotti pushed her to be a better artist, but the claims that he “made her” are false. ““If you made me, make another one—where she at?” the singer quipped.


Ultimately, her relationship with Nelly led Irv to try and push her out of Murder Inc. “Irv was salty! Irv would not let me come to the studio to record. Irv was telling everyone not to record with me,” Ashanti said.

“Why do I want to stay in that situation? How can I stay in that situation? You know what he said to me? He said, ‘Nah, you want to be with Nelly? Go sign to Derrty Ent. We don’t want you.’ What am I supposed to do?”


She continued: “He was blocking a lot of things. Irv was telling DJs don’t play the record … He told my stylist at the time, ‘If you f**k with Ashanti, you don’t f**k with me.’ That’s what he told every single person on the label, in the building.”

Ashanti also claimed that the Drink Champs interview was tone deaf considering the current climate that calls out sexual harassment, abuse and women’s equality. She also said Ja Rule did defend her during the taping, but could have defended her more.


Ultimately, Ashanti is proud of her professional accomplishments which include music, movies and even a stint on Broadway. However, she knows that her relationship with Gotti is completely unsalvageable.

“I feel like Irv is just hurt and he doesn’t know where to place his hurt and he doesn’t know how to channel it as a man. It’s sad,” she remarked. “I genuinely, in my heart, believe that Irv wishes death on me. A million percent.”