Alabama Woman Incarcerated for 17 Months Doesn't Know How She Ended Up Pregnant

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Days away from giving birth, an Alabama woman sitting in jail for more than 17 months claims to have no recollection of having sex, leaving her searching for answers as to how she wound up impregnated.


On December 5, 2017, the Alex City Outlook reports that 26-year-old Latoni Daniel was arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with the death of Thomas V. Chandler in Goodwater, Ala. Authorities claim that Daniel was the getaway driver after her boyfriend, LaDaniel Tuck allegedly robbed and killed Chandler, 87. She was denied bail in spite of having no prior felony convictions and being honorably discharged from the Alabama National Guard, reports.

Daniel’s civil attorney, Mickey McDermott, told reporter Ashley Remkus that Daniel is not allowed to receive visitors and is only allowed to communicate with friends and family through letters and phone calls. In Alabama, it is illegal, even with consent, for anyone to have sex with an inmate. Daniel, through her attorney, also insists that she does not recall having sex with anyone.

So how did she end up pregnant?

“We believe she was assaulted and raped inside the jail,” McDermott said. “She has no memory of any sexual contact whatsoever...She’s reported she’s a rape victim and no one is investigating.”

After Daniel was confirmed as pregnant, her attorney says that she was transferred to a jail in a neighboring county. McDermott also says that Daniel is prescribed an anti-seizure medication that makes her to sleep for long periods and hypothesizes that she could have been raped while under the influence of her medication.

“She’s never had any seizures before she went to jail,” said her brother, Terrell Ransaw.


Daniel has asked that officials investigate how she was impregnated and is also requesting that a judge set bail so she can afford pre and post-natal care. Her family doesn’t know if they will be able to afford the bail but also said they are willing to do whatever they can to take care of the child.

“We’ll pay or put up the property, get her an ankle monitor,” explained Ransaw. “The baby will be well taken care of and loved, regardless.”


The local judge has not decided if bail will be granted and authorities confirmed that they are investigating, although they offered no details.

Daniel’s child—a baby boy—is due in late May.

If convicted, Daniel faces the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Patrick Daniel

Why do I have the horrible suspicion that she knows who raped her, but given who the likely perpetrator is, the threats they levied against her and her family are enough to keep her quiet.