A 2-Year-Old Was Abandoned On a Stranger's Doorstep and We've Got Questions

Image captured the woman leaving her friend’s son on a stranger’s doorstep before running to her car and leaving.
Image captured the woman leaving her friend’s son on a stranger’s doorstep before running to her car and leaving.
Screenshot: WSB-TV

This story is horrifyingly wild AF.

Try to follow this: A Houston, Tex. mom is in the hospital. She calls her son’s father to see if he can watch him while she’s in the hospital. The dad says “of course.” Mom says, “ok my homegirl will be dropping him off at your house.” Dad is waiting and the “friend” and his son never arrive.


Video then emerges of a woman leaving a 2-year-old boy and a few bags on stranger’s doorstep before running off, hopping in her car and rolling out. The video goes viral as many assume that the woman has to be the boy’s mother. People jump into the comments, speculating that the woman abandoned the child. Even the police, who have been called by the stranger who found the boy on their doorstep, are baffled. The boy is placed in foster care.

The father notices the now viral story and realizes that the boy is his son and that the stranger’s house is home in his neighborhood. CBS News reports that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office found that the “friend” of the woman believed she was at the father’s house when she abandoned the 2-year-old.

The woman now faces a charge of child abandonment, a felony, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

During a press conference Thursday, Lt. Scott Spencer with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, said that after responding to the call, they canvased the neighborhood looking for the woman and any information about the child.

The father lived next door to the house where the child was left and was not home when police arrived and canvased the neighborhood.


“During their investigation, detectives learned the father of the child received a text from the mother of the child that a friend was going to drop off the child in the early afternoon,” Spencer said during the press conference, CBS News reports. “When the child did not show up at the residence, the father assumed plans had changed for the mother and left the home.”

The mother’s friend then brought the child to the stranger’s home and left him.

The child is still in the custody of Child Protective Services, who will determine if he can go back to his family. The boy’s mother told police that she had no idea why the “friend” would leave him at the home of people he didn’t know.


“It was very alarming and very disturbing and my heart was hurting for that child,” the lieutenant said about the surveillance video, CBS News reports.

Now, I know that is a lot to digest but let’s dive into the specifics, shall we?

Who is this “friend” and why is she around your child if she has these tendencies?

Friends display reckless behavior long before they step up to the level of abandoning your child on someone’s doorstep. There had to have been some signs before this that would’ve let the mother know that this is possible. I am in no way blaming the mother, I’m just saying you don’t just show up heartless and cold. There had to have been some signs that said, “hey, this woman doesn’t give a fuck about life!”


Maybe she went to formal gathering wearing her headscarf. Maybe she wore a bathrobe to the corner store. Maybe she drank brown liquor out of the bottle with reckless abandon ... The mother of the child had to have some inkling that said this woman doesn’t care about anything in the world. I only say this for one reason:


Why didn’t the father reach out to the mom when his son didn’t show up?

I am in no way blaming the father. I’m just trying to dig deeper into a story that doesn’t make sense.


As it stands, the mom texted the dad saying “can you watch the little guy while I’m in the hospital?” Dad agrees. The boy doesn’t show up and dad leaves? He doesn’t reach out to the mom to asks what’s happening? He doesn’t stay home to see if the boy is coming later than the agreed-upon time? He is co-parenting a whole human being with a woman who he discovers in the hospital and he just leaves the home after no one shows up with his kid?

Not to mention the father is gone long enough for the boy to be dropped at the wrong house, have the police show up, canvas the neighborhood, and he’s still not home?


Why is the boy still with Child Protective Services?

This was the work of an evil woman and not the parents. Clearly, this is a case of “friendship” gone awry, so why is the boy still with CPS?


WTF is wrong with this woman?

That’s it. Just, WTF is wrong with her for leaving a baby on a doorstep like she’s a UPS driver delivering a set of steak knives from Amazon and running off?


Did the friend try calling the dad?

This seems like an easy question in the digital age, especially since the video shows that the woman had a big ass-cellphone with a screen the size of the jumbotron at Texas Stadium. Did she even try to reach the father of the boy before leaving him alone at night? Did she attempt to call the mom to find out what to do with the child if the father wasn’t there? Would it have been so bad to take the child with her for a night until she could find out what was happening?


Does the “friend” have children, and if so will they be taken away?

I think this a normal next-step question considering this woman actually thought that leaving a 2-year-old outside alone was a good idea. If she has children it may make sense to make sure that they are okay...


How did this not happen in Florida?

Even Florida is like: “With the first pick in the 2018 IDGAF draft, The Sunshine State selects the FedEx babysitter.”



Dad’s obviously not at fault for this lady’s actions, but it’s definitely negligent to assume that the mother of your child had a “change of plans” and didn’t bother to communicate them to you.  What if the friend got in a wreck on the way over?  That’s an entirely plausible outcome that I, as a dad, would sort of begin to wonder about if this friend was more than half an hour late or so.  

All he had to do was call.

The only reason you don’t do that is because deep down inside you don’t want the kid, you want to do your own thing, and so you just rationalize away the lack of communication as an excuse to not pick up the damn phone and be an even mildly responsible parent who confirms that their child is being properly cared for.