The Big PS4 Black Friday Deal Is Available Now: $199 For the Console Plus Spider-Man

If you want a PS4, this is the Black Friday deal you’ve been waiting for. Get the console plus a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man (which is excellent) for just $199, or $100 less than the typical MSRP for the console by itself. There’s no telling how long this will last (or even if it will last through Black Friday, given…

Sacramento Police Implement New Body Camera Placement Policy to Prevent ‘Accidental’ Shutoffs 

In the early morning hours of Thursday, Sept. 6, 19-year-old Darell Richards was shot and killed by a SWAT officer with the Sacramento Police Department. The officers claimed Richards had pointed a weapon at them—a weapon that was later discovered to be a pellet gun. When the body camera footage from the officers at…

Hollow Gesture Alert: Billionaire New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Would ‘Very Much Like’ to See Kaepernick Back in the NFL 

These are the words of a billionaire owner of an NFL franchise, the words of the most (or second most behind Jerry Jones) influential owner in the league, the man whose team is led by a 41-year-old quarterback and a backup who probably isn’t even good enough to be fourth-string: