Cloe Wood
WWL-TV Screenshot

In October, Cloe Wood's pre-K class at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kenner, La., visited the Kenner Fire Department to learn about fire safety. That lesson would become invaluable as Wednesday, the 5-year-old led her blind grandmother to safety after their stove caught fire.

"They talked to the kids, saying if there was a fire, you need to get out of the house," Cloe's teacher, Brittany Gaillot, told WWL-TV.

Cloe's mom, Shone Arceneaux, told the news station that her daughter jumped out of bed and ran to her grandmother's room.

"She told my mom to hold her shoulder and that they had to get out of the house," Arceneaux said.


Once she, her grandmother and her dog were safe, Cloe went door to door telling neighbors to call 911. Cloe's mother had just arrived when she saw her daughter and mother standing outside.

"She was running and telling the neighbors to call 911, and I said, 'What's going on?' " Arceneaux told WWL-TV. " 'The house is on fire,' so I jump out of the car and said, 'What?' "


Kenner Fire Department Chief John Hellmers said he believes that the trip to the fire station and Cloe's quick thinking helped save lives.

"She saved her grandmother's life and saved her own life," Hellmers told the news station.


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