Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox might be the only politician not named Maxine Waters who warms my heart. That’s because Fox is not here for any of President Donald Trump’s fuck shit. None of it.

During an interview with CNN, Fox repeated his refrain that has now become a sound bite for anyone wondering whether Mexico will pay for Trump’s dumbass wall that no one wants.


“Well, you can use my words: We’ll never pay for that fucking wall,” he stated.

Fox was on the news station to discuss the recently released transcript of Trump’s Jan. 26 phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, in which America’s embarrassment, Trump, asked Nieto to stop publicly saying that he wouldn’t pay for the wall even if he wouldn’t.

Fox didn’t care that he was on live TV when he dropped the f-bomb; he has consistently said that Mexico won’t be paying for no fucking wall, and that’s what he means at all times. If you ask Fox whether Mexico is paying for the wall, you should already know the answer.


But while his catchphrase is good, it isn’t as good as black America’s favorite aunt’s: “Reclaiming my time.”