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Zimmerman Avoids Charges

George Zimmerman
Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images
George Zimmerman
Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images

George Zimmerman will walk again, since his girlfriend decided she will not pursue domestic violence charges, Associated Press reports via Yahoo!.


The 30-year-old was facing aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief charges stemming from a dispute at the central Florida home that he and Samantha Scheibe shared, AP reports.

If convicted of the assault charge, Zimmerman could have faced up to five years in prison. He was free on a $9,000 bail and was ordered to stay away from Scheibe.

Initially, Scheibe told police that Zimmerman smashed a coffee table, pointed a shotgun at her face and pushed her out of the home. She recanted most of that story in an affidavit stating that Zimmerman was her boyfriend and that she wanted him back.  


Without Scheibe's cooperation, State Attorney Phil Archer had little to go on in the way of corroborating evidence, making the case difficult to prove.

"There is no reasonable likelihood of a successful prosecution," Archer said.

This most recent incident is the latest in sea of legal problems for Zimmerman since the one-time neighborhood watchman was acquitted of the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old.

In September, Zimmerman's estranged wife accused him of smashing an iPad during an argument. No charges were filed in that case due to lack of evidence, AP reports.

Zimmerman has also been pulled over three times for traffic violations since his acquittal, AP reports.


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