Slain YouTube sensation Messy Mya

This posting was updated on Nov. 15 at 3:22 p.m. ET.

YouTube sensation Messy Mya was murdered after attending a baby shower for his girlfriend, according to numerous Internet reports. The "comedian" and Internet sensation is believed to have been gunned down in the streets of New Orleans. (According to, an unidentified 22-year-old man was slain by gunfire in the city's 7th Ward.)

Apparently someone had the bad manners to take a photo of his lifeless body and post it on Twitter. Classy. This Twitter and social networking piece has gone too far — posting pictures of murdered people on the Web. I mean, really. What's worse is that the photo of the dead man has the Internet all abuzz. People actually want to see it. No, you can't see it here. Do we have any boundaries anymore? A young man is dead and yet another child will be without a father. This child will one day be able to see his deceased parent on the Internet. Who would want to look at something so morbid and disrespectful, anyway? Messy Mya's death is messier than his life, which is truly sad.

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