Your Politician's Got Tweets? This Black Woman Software Developer's Got Receipts

“African Americans and Hispanics, brown people, we are the driving force on the major social media platforms,” said software developer Diana Eromosele. “Isn’t it high time for us to get behind the wheel and create these applications?”

And this black woman in tech is doing just that.

Just more than three years ago, Eromosele worked as a multimedia journalist. In fact, she was a staff writer at The Root covering news and trending stories. The Queens native left The Root, went to a coding boot camp, and learned to become a full-stack software developer—working on the front and back end.


Today, Diana Eromosele is a software developer and the brains behind Categorized Tweets—an app that categorizes political tweets. “I wanted a way to be able to go to an app and say, ‘I want to read my senators tweets about healthcare.’ My app does just that.”

See the entire video above.

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