‘Your Language Sounds Nasty’: Woman Captured on Viral Video Going on Racist Rant at Florida Nail Salon

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Screenshot: ABC Action News

Looks like this Becky’s beauty is definitely only skin-deep. An unidentified woman was captured on video going on an offensive, racist rant at a Hillsborough County, Fla., nail salon.


“If they don’t understand the language, they should go back to their own country, period,” the woman is heard saying in the video, which has spread like wildfire across Facebook, according to ABC Action News.

“You sound nasty, your language sounds nasty. It actually sounds like you were born out of a fucking hermit crab,” the woman adds, continuing to berate the nail technician who is doing her manicure.

“If I wanna go to a nail salon, I want them to talk English so they can understand when I want a goddamn top coat,” the lady continues.

The owner of Bali Nail Spa in Lutz, Fla., Karen Vu, can be seen on video politely trying to calm down the irate Beckzilla. Vu told the news station that the woman is a regular who sometimes acts unpredictably.

Vu said she felt bad for the woman, as well as bad for the other customers whose experience was impacted.

“I don’t mind what she said because she doesn’t have control over her mind,” Vu, who is clearly far too kind, said.


The other nail technicians were also quite forgiving, saying that they were not upset by the outburst.

However, the woman who recorded the video wasn’t having it.

“You’re being nasty. You asked my opinion a minute ago and I’m fucking telling it to you, you don’t call them hermit crabs,” the woman holding the camera is heard saying in the video footage before she puts her phone down and approaches the lady.


Since the incident, the salon has received an outpouring of support. After watching the video on Facebook, one individual, Jennifer Verge, actually drove 30 minutes to give the nail technician the tip he never received.

“I just wanted to come over here, tell them they don’t deserve to be treated the way that they were from that lady or for anyone else, for that matter. God just spoke to me and told me to bring him what he didn’t get from the lady because he got gypped [sigh ... why ruin a perfectly good gesture with this word?] when he’s supposed to be paid for the work that he did, and that’s unacceptable,” Verge said.


Action News tried to reach out to the woman involved, but I imagine, like most people caught in a racist rant, she seems to have gone into hiding ... well, at least until the internet exposes her.

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KC Complains A Lot

What I don’t get about any of these racist ass racist wypipo blow-ups is this;

Clearly this is a place they go all the time. Clearly they could go anywhere else in the world. Becky could’ve asked Alexa where she could find some nail salons there are mostly English speaking. If you are well and truly bothered by people speaking languages other than yours, it’s not that fucking hard to avoid those places.

And yet time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again, they show up to these places and pull this bullshit. They continue to frequent places they despise. I know that white privilege is a strong drug and I understand that white people like this feel the need to systemically force anyone and everyone different to assimilate to what they’re doing, but holy fucking shit, man, at a certain point you’re just stressing yourself out. You’re going in ready to fight a war against people who’s only crime is not wanting to speak your lameass, gutter ass language.

I understand that white people want to claim spaces as their own and they demand those spaces conform to their comforts, but come the fuck on, man. These are miserable people living miserable lives who’s only comfort is causing other people misery. That is the core of white supremacy; a desperate attempt to fill the holes in your soul with the suffering of others.