YG Says He Won’t Work With Nicki Minaj After Her Tekashi 6ix9ine Collab: ‘My Feelings Was Hurt’

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The richest, most beautiful feature of a phrase like “I’m cool,” or “I’m good” is how many different meanings it holds. It can be literal—yes, sure, shit’s fine over here—or it can mean “shit is certainly, 100 percent not fine,” “this conversation is done,” “or “stay over there.”


Needless to say, when YG says he’s “cool” not doing another song with Nicki Minaj, he means his mind is made up.

Talking to 92.3 LA radio host Bootleg Kev on Thursday, the Compton-based rapper said he didn’t see himself collaborating with Nicki Minaj in the future. YG’s recent, uh, frostiness comes courtesy of Nicki’s recent collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine, the melted My Little Pony-turned federal informant, “Trollz.”

Bootleg Kev asked YG directly if he would work with Nicki again after working with the 23-year-old Brooklyn rapper, who testified against members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in exchange for reduced charges of racketeering, firearms offenses, and drug trafficking.

YG shook his head.

“It’s a no?” Bootleg Kev followed up.

“Yeah. I don’t know, my feelings was hurt. I’m a real street n***a,” said YG. When Bootleg Kev clarified this meant no more Nicki features, YG replied, “Yeah, I’m cool.”

The “Trollz” single came out last month, following Tekashi’s early release from prison in April due to coronavirus concerns. The single debuted at number one, which is fascinating (I’ll admit I haven’t listened to the song. I love blogging, but I also love myself).


YG had previously worked with Nicki on his single “Big Bank,” in which she featured prominently. But as The Source notes, YG’s beef with 6ix9ine predates his turn as a snitch, starting with Tekashi talking shit about L.A. gang culture. Of course, 6ix9ine’s involvement with the feds just added fuel to the fire; at Coachella last year, YG performed his song “Stop Snitching” in front of Tekashi’s mugshot.

6ix9ine, currently under house arrest, is more than aware of YG’s feelings. After a clip of the interview was shared to the Shade Room, the rapper responded in typical troll fashion.


“Smh Damn Nicki u done messed up big time,” 6ix9ine, adding his contribution to TSR’s infamous comments section.

Love this energy from YG, but would have loved it even more if, say, 6ix9ine’s child porn offenses (which he pleaded guilty to in 2018) warranted the same hard-line stance. YG has called out 6ix9ine before, referring to the rapper as a pedophile in the video for his 2018 song “Bulletproof.” This was the same year YG collaborated with Nicki on “Big Bank” (released in late May); Nicki would end up working with 6ix9ine on “FeFe” that summer. But the sex abuse charges were treated more like a jab at 6ix9ine; YG didn’t follow them with any declarations that he would cease working with 6ix9ine’s collaborators, nor did he allude to those charges when he explained why he wouldnt work with Nicki any longer (Nicki, for her part, is no stranger to accusations that she supports abusive men).


With hip-hop—and the greater music industry—once again being called to reckon with the way it marginalizes survivors and upholds the powerful people that abuse them, it would be a refreshing change to see rappers take the uncompromising attitude they have toward snitching toward accused sex abusers and their enablers.

Thus far, Nicki hasn’t responded to YG’s comments.

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Fuck this guy, too. Shooting a music video at a BLM protest, he’s not exactly principled.