Yes, We've Heard the Sussexes Are Living in Tyler Perry's Mansion. No, We Don't Know Why—but Why Y'all So Mad?

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You know that “California compound” we kept hearing Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have been calling home since relocating to Los Angeles? Multiple reports say it’s the Beverly Hills mansion of none other than Tyler Perry, who apparently has more time to shop for big-ass cribs than halfway-realistic wigs.


TMZ broke the news on Thursday, citing British tabloid and Sussex archnemesis The Daily Mail as the original source. The Mail gleefully reported that “Perry’s eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom Tuscan-style villa sits on 22 acres on the top of a hill in the ultra-exclusive Beverly Ridge Estates guard-gated community, offering sweeping views of the city from the backyard.” However, they were also sure to note that they don’t know whether the Sussexes are Perry’s guests or renting the biggest Airbnb ever; only that the title of the mansion in question appears to still be in Perry’s name.

That’s all we know about that. Frankly, we were unaware of any personal relationship between the British royals and the Madea creator (we heard rumors he was at the royal wedding, but never saw pics to prove it)—and frankly, it’s really none of our business (beyond reporting it, which is, well, our job). But that didn’t stop the royal haters from losing their ever-loving minds at the very notion that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have a friend in a high enough place that he’d allow them to stay at his ridiculously large and undoubtedly well-appointed house, where he pays the bills and he decides who comes, goes and stays as long as he likes. God forbid. Do the rest of us need to get public consensus when we have houseguests, too?

And let’s be clear: Despite the fact that a family of three is reportedly staying in Perry’s home, only one person is ever to blame.


Y’all see this ugly, racist, sexist, denigrating shit right here? None of us even knows for sure whether the Sussexes are paying rent to Perry—or even if they’re for sure staying there. (What? Had he promised you the spare bedroom or something?) But it sure as hell looks like there’s a gang of folks allowing them to take up residence in their heads for free.99! Even bestselling British authors like Something Borrowed’s Emily Giffin (ma’am, didn’t they pay you good Hollywood movie money to make a whole rom-com dud off of one of your rom-com dud-ass books?) seem to have time to worry about whether the Sussexes’ good fortune is somehow going to affect their bank account—you know, because there’s nothing at all any of us could or should possibly be more worried about now.

Honestly, we kinda hope they stay mad, so we hope the Sussexes actually are staying rent-free with Tyler. We just hope Meghan doesn’t end up in his next film.

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