Yes, Magic Johnson Has a Documentary About His Life in the Works. Kobe Bryant Does Too

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Magic Johnson loves ESPN’s The Last Dance as much as everyone else, and in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Lakers legend revealed that his life and basketball career will be receiving the same treatment.


In discussing the importance of The Last Dance, which examines the Chicago Bulls’ 1997–98 season, the three-time NBA MVP noted how it arrived at the perfect time.

“This was so needed during a time when we all have social distancing and stay-at-home and all the things that we’re going through right now with the virus,” Johnson said. “Last Dance is really giving us something. The NFL draft gave us something. We’re all sports fans, so we would love to just have sports...It’s been wonderful.”

Future episodes of the series will delve further into Michael Jordan’s career and explore his battles against another Lakers great: Kobe Bryant.

“I think this is going to be fabulous for all of us who love Kobe Bryant and all of us who love Michael Jordan,” Johnson said. “We will get to see the dynamic of their relationship play out onscreen, and we get to see Kobe one more time.”

He added, “Kobe gave every last ounce of himself to whatever he was doing. In retirement, he seemed so happy. He found new passions and he continued to give back as a coach and in his community. More importantly, he was an amazing dad, and an amazing husband, who dedicated himself to his family and who loved his daughters with all his heart. Kobe never left anything on the court and I think that‘s what he would want us to do.”

Johnson also took the time to confirm reports that yes, Kobe will be receiving a documentary chronicling his final season with the Los Angeles Lakers, as well.


“That’s definitely going to happen,” he said. “I think he was smart enough to have a camera follow him, document every movement…so we are going to see a lot of behind-the-scenes things on Kobe and probably let us into his world with his family.”

Johnson also revealed that Kobe won’t be the only Lakers legend to receive the documentary treatment.


“I’m coming after Kobe!” he shared. “You get the basketball part of it, but then also how I reinvented myself and how I went into business and what I’m doing today, so it will all come into this documentary. I’m looking forward to it.”

As one of the most celebrated figures in the history of professional sports, Magic’s documentary promises to be must-see TV. And a glimpse into Kobe’s final season with the Lakers sounds equally captivating.


But while we wait on each of those, you’re living life wrong if you aren’t catching The Last Dance every Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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