WTF Is This Weird-Ass Video That Paul Ryan Posted?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan wants to prove that he didn’t just become a horrible person overnight; rather, he was born a horrible person who has consistently pushed for cuts in programs for the poor to feed the rich by posting a weird press-clipping video of him being a shit heel since 1998.

On the eve of the Republican Congress’ forcing this shitty-ass tax bill down America’s throat, Ryan released hype video showing bits of him pushing for a deplorable tax bill over the years. And there are several things wrong with the video that I will now break apart.

Fuck, Ryan’s haircut.

I don’t know if it’s the haircut or the part that makes me hate him, but either way, I hate him. The part doesn’t seem to be a natural break on the side of his scalp but, rather, a forced break that’s still on the top of his head. Also, it looks like he goes to the Hair Cuttery in Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore.


Ryan said “Make America great again” in 1998. 

Look, I don’t care that he said “Make America great again.” I care that he wants everyone to know that he said it back when he looked like a creepy college freshman even though he was probably, like, 27. Ryan is trying to creep into the subconscious of every Trump voter so that they all know he not only is aligned with the president but also has been using Trumpian language for some time.

The music in this video is creepy AF.

The Root’s news fellow, Anne Branigin, describes Ryan’s music choice as “literally using the theme music every movie uses when they’re showing bad white men walking in a hallway together to make very bad decisions. Like, HOW is that your hype music? It’s fitting ... but how?”


Watch this dumb-ass video:


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