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James Frey, the author of the discredited memoir A Million Little Pieces, has signed a multibook, multimedia deal with HarperCollins for a young-adult series called Endgame, the Associated Press reports. Frey's memoir was first promoted by Oprah Winfrey on her show but later heavily criticized on the program after it was discovered that huge portions of the book had been fabricated.

HaperCollins announced the three-novel and nine-novella deal with Frey's production company, Full Fathom Five, on Wednesday. The project is also set to include YouTube videos, gaming designed by Google's Niantic Labs and social media. Twentieth Century Fox has already acquired film rights, AP reports.


The first book, Endgame: The Calling, is due out in October and will be co-authored by Nils Johnson-Shelton. The book's plot center's around teens from different bloodlines in a fight to the death and has already received online criticism for being too similar to Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games series.

Frey acknowledged on Winfrey's show in 2006 that he lied in his debut, A Million Little Pieces, AP reports.

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