Woman Who Slapped Cop at University of Miami Football Game Has to Write Letter of Apology

@5thYear screenshot via Twitter
@5thYear screenshot via Twitter

A woman who was seen on video smacking a police officer across the head at a University of Miami football game could have the charges against her dropped if she writes a letter of apology to that officer.


According to the Miami Herald, the sweet deal that is being afforded to 30-year-old Bridget Freitas is part of a pretrial intervention program. And if she does find the time and energy to write Miami-Dade Police Officer Douglas Ross a letter of apology and completes 50 hours of community service, the charges of disorderly conduct and battery on a law-enforcement officer would be dropped.

Black people are literally being shot to death while trying to run from police, but this woman could get off with writing a letter for actually assaulting an officer, as if she were being punished for missing an assignment in grade school.

Early last month, video surfaced of the altercation between Freitas, a nurse, and Ross as officers tried to escort a belligerent and struggling Freitas out of the stadium.

Freitas is seen striking Ross before the officer lashes out in retaliation, hitting Freitas in the face with enough force to make her head snap back.


Authorities said that the officer lashed out “to gain compliance and control,” and Ross, an 18-year-old veteran on the force, was cleared of wrongdoing despite his mean, retaliatory (almost apparently instinctive) right cross.

According to the Herald, the Police Department’s Office of Internal Affairs never opened an investigation into Ross’ use of force because no one, including Freitas, filed a complaint.


Frietas is due back in court Dec. 21 to see whether she is accepted into the pretrial intervention program, the news site notes.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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This is the first time that I’ve watched this...and as a woman, I’m not ashamed to say that a clear 64.25% of me was deliciously gratified by his right cross. I’ll gladly take a thrashing on this one.

I don’t think it was the drink that had her outchea feeling like she COULD take a swing at him, if you copy.