Woman Who Had Racist Meltdown in Michaels Also Had Epic Meltdown in Coffee Shop

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Jennifer Boyle during her Michaels breakdown
Youtube screenshot

The woman who caused a commotion in a Chicago–area arts and crafts store apparently has a history of causing disturbances inside stores when she doesn't get her way.

According to the Daily Mail, a new video has been released that shows Jennifer Boyle gyrating and directing a tirade at two employees at a Chicago-area Peet's Coffee & Tea.

The video shows Boyle yelling at a manager, who Boyle claims called her a bitch after she was reportedly rude to one of his employees.

"You're a bitch," she yells back. "You are literally the bitch. Do you see where we're at? You're the bitch."

She then yells at the man behind the counter, "Who do you think you are, treating people like that?"

When the man explains that he's the floor manager, Boyle begins gyrating and replies, "Oh, my God, you're the floor manager."


When the floor manager says that he will ban her from the store, Boyle begins yelling that she feared for her life and that she will contact the corporate office.

"You know what?” Boyle says to the workers. "I could stereotype you and call you something. I'm going to go back to my $90,000 job," and she leaves, but not before she yells, "You're the bitch!" one more time.


No word on what caused Boyle's Peet's performance, but the Daily Mail notes that her Michaels rant was triggered after there wasn't a plastic bag large enough to hold her items, so a cashier told her she could purchase a reusable bag for $1.

View Boyle's latest performance below; some of the language is NSFW:

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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