This unidentified Chicago-area shopper is not here for your $1 reusable bags. Not after she voted for Donald Trump!
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In the new Trump World, a shopper can rage and claim anti-white discrimination after being asked to purchase a $1 reusable bag at a Chicago-area arts and crafts store.

"I voted for Trump—so there," the woman shouted, according to Raw Story. "You want to kick me out for that? And look who won."


Several shoppers at Michaels began recording the angry woman's outburst, which included saying that she was being discriminated against because she's white. She also berated black employees and criticized a white woman for not taking her side in the dispute.

"I don’t know what you think you’re videoing, lady," the unidentified woman shouted. "I was just discriminated against by two black women, and you being a white woman, you’re literally thinking that that’s OK? You standing there with your baby thinking that’s OK."

The angry woman also accused the woman's child of stealing and then took out her camera phone and started recording the woman's child.

She ended her rant against the woman and turned back to the workers.

"You’re a liar; I don’t care because I’m a consumer," she shouted at an employee. "I’m a customer."


Watch the bizarre scene unfold below:

Read more at Raw Story.

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