Since Musk acquired Twitter last year, he has faced scrutiny for trying to monetize the site and for allowing hate speech to proliferate since his takeover. As journalist Ahmed Baba explained: “As Elon Musk spends this week pushing baseless conspiracy theories about how the white supremacist extremist attack is Texas was a “psyop,” Tucker Carlson—the chief peddler of white supremacist Great Replacement theory—announces he’s bringing a new version of his show to Twitter.”


If Tucker Carlson’s show does happen on Twitter, users seem ready, willing and able to challenge his vile rhetoric. However, it is not on Black folks to constantly combat racism—something that Carlson will continue to monetize. Seeing as Musk offered a show to Don Lemon on Twitter after Carlson shared his news, it’s clear that the app has the chance to transform into a video giant which is something Musk, quite frankly, isn’t ready for.