Why Is Ivanka Trump Visiting the Ivory Coast and, More Importantly, Why Is She Dancing?

White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump dances with traditional dancers as she is welcomed by local people on arrival to Adzope, Ivory Coast, Wednesday April 17, 2019, where she will tour Cayat, a cocoa and coffee cooperative.
Photo: Jacquelyn Martin (Getty Images)

Ivanka Trump isn’t the first lady. In fact, she’s merely the daughter of the president, and though he makes really weird and inappropriate comments about her, she’s not the first lady. Ivanka has an office in the West Wing. She also accompanies her father to very important meetings with world leaders. She’s got top-secret security clearance. Her official title is assistant to the president. So why in the hell is she on the Ivory Coast, costing taxpayers a bazillion dollars in security and acting like a first lady?

I dunno. Do we know or understand anything about this administration?

Apparently Ivanka was on a two-nation trip to Africa along with the USAID administrator and other top government officials. Ivanka met with Ivorian Vice President Daniel Kablan Duncan, which is all well and fine and usually a role reserved for the first lady, so, my question is, as it’s been with Trump’s entire presidency, why is Ivanka here?


Seriously, why is she here? Not, why is she on the Ivory Coast, but why is she here in an official capacity as if she speaks for the president?

According to Africa News, “the Ivorian Education Minister signed an order operationalizing a unit prioritizing women access to empowerment training and girl’s access to education,” which is a good thing and I guess a part of Ivanka’s push for women’s empowerment, which doesn’t seem to extend to her father, the biggest predator of women and one of the most misogynistic men to ever grab the pussy hold the office.

Then Ivanka did the thing that all white women do when they visit people of color: she danced and took pictures, which, to be honest, what else was she supposed to do? But there’s something disturbing about watching her throw her white arms in the air like she just doesn’t care, because she really doesn’t care.


At one point, it appears Ivanka may have turned her clapping into a hip-hop gesture that looked almost like Naughty by Nature’s “Hip-Hop Hooray.”

I want all of this to stop. All of it. The hand waving, the visiting the Ivory Coast, the acting like she’s the moral compass for her father’s skullduggery. All of it. I’m tired of Ivanka being trotted out as the humanitarian of the draconian Trumps. Fuck all of them. All of them. At this point, Ivanka Trump dancing with the people of the Ivory Coast is like the white cop videos that miraculously appear after a unarmed black person has been shot by police.


Don’t be fooled; she’s complicit in all of Trump’s evil doings.

Stay woke.

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